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Good Practices

Here you will find a Compendium of European Good Practices of Farmers and agri-businesses making a difference in the Agri-food sector and Sustainability spheres, to catalogue and appraise existing approaches and where possible showcasing agroecology practices…Giving us an overview of the amazing work being carried out across Europe, helping to inspire others into action!

Be inspired by case studies from across our partner regions!!

The EU Dare Good Practice Compendium is an interactive guide full of rich media resources and additional learning links that lead to a deeper, self-guided learning opportunity. The global community is realising how critical it is for agricultural practices to change. We need to move away from mono-culture and view agriculture and our food systems more holistically and become aligned with the EU Food to Fork strategy and 2030 Biodiversity Strategy.

Agroecology seeks to optimise the interactions between plants, animals, humans and the environment while addressing the need for socially equitable food systems within which people can exercise choice over what they eat and how and where it is produced.

This Good Practice Compendium offers 25+ examples of those who are already aligning or altering their practices to work better for the 3 Ps…People – Planet – Progress. The structure of each Good practice follows the PICO Model (Problem-Intervention-Comparison-Outcomes). This helps other farmers or smallholders to compare & contrast themselves to the Good Practices, and we hope to both inform and inspire more farmers to consider and adopt Agroecology practices as well as creating awareness within the sector about the importance of action and change in reaching the goals of sustainable and climate-responsible agriculture and food systems.