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Our Partners

UPWr Logo


Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences (UPWr) is one of Poland’s top specialized universities. It provides training and research in agricultural and natural sciences, as well as engineering and technology. For numerous years, the University has been ranked among the best universities in the world in the subjects of Food Science & Technology and Veterinary Science by the international Shanghai Ranking.

UPWr employs over 1,600 people and educates 8,000 students, including nearly 200 doctoral students. It offers 28 degree programs across five faculties: the Faculty of Biology and Animal Science, the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Science, the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Geodesy, the Faculty of Life Sciences and Technology, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

Employees of UPWr, due to their professional interests, have extensive competences related to the implementation of the project.


Association ARID

The Association of Regional Initiatives Development (ARID) was established in August 2009 in Kraków.

Since its founding, the goal of the Association is to promote regional development of rural areas, including in particular the development of open attitudes towards knowledge and innovation, and dissemination of modern information technologies.

The Association also aims at facilitating the flow of information about the latest developments in science and technology applicable to adults in lifelong learning.

In the last few years the Association also engaged in many school education projects, as well as VET and adult education projects in the agricultural sector, beekeeping sector and in the prison context.

Currently, the Association pursues international projects within the framework the projects under ERASMUS + and HORIZON.

Meridaunia Logo


Meridaunia, established in 1998, is a joint limited liability Consortium, with legal offices in Bovino (FG) in the Municipio Square, 2. It’s formed of partners belonging to the public sector, including: 29 Municipalities of the Monti Dauni and the Municipality of Lucera, the University of Foggia, the Foggia Chamber of Commerce and private companies representing civil society and the world of local entrepreneurship. 


The “mission” of Meridaunia, is to be a real “Development Agency” of the territory, with an overall function of support to the development and creation of enterprise and work.

The institutional task of Meridaunia consists essentially in the elaboration and implementation of development strategies of the territory, through the involvement of the largest number of local socio-economic actors (public and private) as well as local communities.


Within the LEADER framework Meridaunia is responsible for

  • the programming and drafting of the Local Development Plan;
  • of the implementation on the territory of the approved and financed Plan;
  • the management of the financial resources allocated to it;
  • the promotion and dissemination of the Leader programmes.

 Moreover Meridaunia:

  • Provides assistance and organisation services related to entrepreneurial activities (including but not limited to: technical assistance in accessing Community, national or regional resources that can be activated; start-up services for self-employment and self-employment;
  • provides planning support to its members from national funds and transnational cooperation programmes;
  • It informs its members and the reference territory about initiatives and calls for proposals from other sources of development, supporting dissemination and facilitating the participation of local communities in development processes;
  • It promotes social cohesion in general and in particular facilitates and supports the creation of local, territorial, sector or group partnerships.

The Association of Private Farming of the Czech Republic

The Association of Private Farming of the Czech Republic (APF CR) is a major organization representing family farms and private farming in the country, with over 7.5 thousand members nationwide. The APF CR focuses on economic, social, and political interests that support family farms and private farming, based on the belief that family farms are the foundation of modern European agriculture and rural development. At the national level, the APF CR engages in negotiations with state authorities to protect and promote the interests of farmers, while advocating for minimal state intervention in entrepreneurship. The organization also collaborates with leading institutions and experts in agricultural economics to prepare and submit proposals for improvements. The APF CR is a member of the European Landowners’ Organization (ELO), and it regularly participates in international events and collaborates in international projects.

Slovak University of Agriculture

Slovak University of Agriculture

Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA) in Nitra provides education in accredited study programs on bachelor, master and doctoral level of study as well as various programmes of lifelong learning.

SUA has attained the position of one of Slovakia’s leading universities since it was founded in 1952. The University is consistently rated in the top group for the high quality of its teaching and research in the Slovak Republic. The University cultivates close and productive links with its local and regional community and will continue to expand its work at an international level in both teaching and scientific research. They have a strong tradition of working in collaboration with business and industry and playing an active role in economic regeneration. They place great emphasis on embracing and responding to new information and communication technology opportunities.

The university specialises in education in the field of agriculture and related research areas such as: Agro biology, Food resources, sustainable agriculture, Agricultural production, biotechnology, food technology, Engineering of agricultural machinery and equipment, Computerization and automation of agricultural equipment, Operation of energy facilities on agricultural production, Gardening and landscape design, Economics and Management, International trade in agricultural commodities, Marketing, Development of rural tourism, Project management for rural development, Lifelong learning, etc.

We have a strong tradition of working in collaboration with business and industry and playing an active role in economic regeneration. Finally, we recognize that our future success and direction will be dependent upon how we embrace and respond to new information and communication technologies.

Momentum Logo

momentum educate + innovate

Momentum is an award-winning Irish educator focused on developing progressive learning programmes (course curriculum and content development) and platforms for education, with a special focus on adult – further education and digital skills. Our experienced team helps educators and SMEs respond to the dynamic and changing needs they experience and thus we aim to provide more sustainable employment and futures to adult learners. We train and mentor hundreds per annum and we advise networks and policymakers.

Momentum also has a strong marketing and dissemination division specialising in brand development, content generation, communication strategies, digital media and social media attracting high-profile attention to our programmes. We are very proud of our role in developing the EU Dare brand that is carried through the project.

Vabckjs Logo

Verein der Akademie für Bildung, Culture, Kunst, Jugend und Sport der Europäischen Union

Verein der Akademie für Bildung, Culture, Kunst, Jugend und Sport der Europäischen Union -European Union Education, Culture, Art, Youth and Sports Academy Association non-profit association founded in Vienna in April 2021.

VABCKJS-EU is a Austrian Organisation with residence in Vienna, focused on training and educational development of people of all ages, especially in the areas of entrepreneurship, disabilities, agriculture, digitalisation, environment, education, art, culture, sport, youth, languages, social inclusion and rural development. We think that the education is one of the factors that most influences the advancement and progress of individuals and societies. In addition to providing knowledge, education enriches culture, spirit, values and everything that characterises us as human beings. For this reason we have specialised over the years in creating and adapting our courses to the needs of our clients.