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Agroecology vs. Climate Change

The EU Dare Project has one main educational goal, to raise awareness about the impact that agroecology can have on our climate and how and why it is a great answer to climate change. Let’s dive into agroecology and its benefits! The growing threat of the changing climate and the rising temperature of our globe resulting in heatwaves, floods, droughts

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The EU Dare Project Partner Meeting in Vienna

The EU Dare Project met recently, for a transnational partner meeting in the Impact Hub, Vienna. Our hosts were VABCKJS, and they did a wonderful job in hosting the meeting. Also in attendance were project partners; UPWr MMS, Mer, ARID, SUA, (ASZ attended virtually). The EU Dare project proposes to develop a suite of resources that will increase the adoption

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EU DARE Visit Prague September 2023

Our EU-Dare project team was in beautiful Prague recently, for a coordination meeting. Our partners from The Association of Private Farming of the Czech Republic were our hosts. This was our third in-person meeting, and it comes at a critical time as we take the next steps in our project development. We have been working hard thus far forming a

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