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EU DARE Visit Prague September 2023

Our EU-Dare project team was in beautiful Prague recently, for a coordination meeting. Our partners from The Association of Private Farming of the Czech Republic were our hosts. This was our third in-person meeting, and it comes at a critical time as we take the next steps in our project development. We have been working hard thus far forming a Good Practice Compendium, which will be used to create awareness and inspiration for Small & Rural farmers across Europe. This is also a great educational tool for our VET educators as via the Case study method they will be able to illustrate the value of using agroecology for smallholder farmers as a container for improvements in agricultural performance and as a particular means of enabling a new, more appropriate sustainable processes. The compendium will show how agroecology helps not only environmental sustainability but also economic sustainability.


We also began the methodology for developing an interactive, relevant and highly practical course that is easily accessible to rural farmers’ needs. As VET organisations, SMEs and Farming organisations we as a consortium are very conscious of time and digital skill constraints and so we are building a suite of resources to equip VET educators and to enable busy farmers to up-skill at their own pace and via appropriate means. All the EU Dare tools and resources will be filling gaps and needs in continuous vocational training and meeting labour force needs (Green & Digital skills).

EU-DARE will bring together European directives on sustainable agriculture, from the Farm to Fork strategy to the 2030 biodiversity strategy for smallholder farmers in Europe’s rural areas who are the backbone of European agriculture.

It’s so important for project teams to meet in person, as they can share ideas, enjoy inspiring discussions, and work on the creation of educational content. The transnational meetings also serve as network and relationship-building activities and lead to our collaboration and multidisciplinary approach having a greater holistic aspect and impact.

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